Tine Talks: Stoffwechsel 2015 - der Schnitt

Jetzt, wo alle anderen Näherinnen schon fleißig Ideen teilen, was sie aus ihrem Stoffwechselstoff nähen werden, möchte ich mich natürlich auch einreihen.

Ich hatte erst eigentlich eine konkrete Vorstellung, was ich aus dem Stoff machen würde, den ich beim Stoffwechsel bekomme - ein weiteres Scout-like Blusenshirt.
Doch dann dachte ich, nein, dur wirst nicht die siebte Version dieses Oberteils nähen, sondern suchst dir mal endlich wieder einen anderen Schnitt für ein Top!

Da fiel mir die Tunika 108 aus burda 07/2008 wieder ein. Zwar auch schon oft genäht, aber lange Zeit nun nicht mehr und ideal für den schönen Stoff geeignet.
Quelle: burdastyle.de
Ich plane die Passe mit einer passenden Paspel vom vorderen Schnitteil abzutrennen und so den Schnitt noch zusätzlich zu betonen. Jetzt muss ich nur noch genau die Paspelfarbe finden, die zu dem Senfgelb oder Petrol des Stoffes passt. Bei der Arbeit bin ich leider noch nicht fündig geworden. Butinette hat eine Paspel, die ganz gut aussieht, aber eigentlich will ich keine 4,50 € Versand für eine 2 € Paspel hinlegen.
Falls also jemand noch eine gute Paspelquelle hat, immer her damit! Ein bisschen Zeit zum Nähen ist ja noch und vielleicht komme ich vorher auch nochmal zu einem Stoffmarkt oder zu Karstadt.


Tine Talks: Stoffwechsel 2015 - mein Stoff

Vor einer Woche habe ich den Abholzettel von einem Päckchen in meinem Briefkasten gehabt und nachdem ich mit dem Logistikunternehmen geklärt hatte, wann und wo ich es in Empfang nehmen kann, freute ich mich wie Bolle, dass das Päckchen meinen Stoffwechselstoff enthielt!
A week ago I found the leaflet of a parcel in my letterbox and after clarifying with the logistics company, when and where I could receive it, I was very happy to find out that the parcel contained my Stoffwechsel fabric!

Für dieses Wochenende hatte ich mir vorgenommen den Stoff dann auch gebührend zu fotografieren, doch wie es so ist, konnte ich die Kamera nirgendwo in meiner Wohnung finden. Jetzt hoffe ich, dass ich sie bei der Arbeit liegen lassen habe, oder sie sich durch einen Zufall irgendwo anders finden lässt.
This weekend I wanted to take pretty pictures that recognized the beauty of the fabric, but just as it is you know, I couldn't find my camera anywhere in my flat. Now I hope, that I left it at work, or that I find it somehwere else by chance.

Daher musste ich jetzt leider den schönen Stoff mit meiner Smartphonekamera fotografieren. 
Therefore I had to take pictures with my smartphone, which are of a mediocre quality, but better than nothing!

Der Stoff, den meine Stoffwechselpartnerin ausgesucht hat, ist wunderschön. Eine ganz tolle Voile-Qualität von Art Gallery Fabrics. Meine Partnerin schrieb, dass es ihr schwer fiel etwas für mich zu finden, aber ich muss sagen, dass die Mühe sich worklich gelohnt hat. Ich liebe den Stoff und habe sofort eine Idee gehabt, was ich aus dem schönen Meterstück machen möchte. Zwei Reissverschlüsse gab es auch noch dazu, sodass ich vielleicht dann zu dem Oberteil, das ich plane, auch noch einen passenden Rock mit Reissverschluss nähen werde.
The fabric, that my Stoffwechselpartner has chosen, is super pretty. It's a beautiful voile quality by Art Gallery Fabrics. My partner wrote, that she had a hard time choosing something for me, but I have to say that the work paid off. I love the fabric and immediately had an idea, what I want to make of the meter. Two zippers were also in the parcel, so I'll maybe make a matching skirt as well as the top I'm planning.

Vielen lieben Dank an meine Stoffwechselpartnerin! Ich habe eine Idee, wer du sein könntest, auf jeden Fall weiß ich, dass du Kinder hast, denn der Stoff war in einem Schuhkarton von Kinderschuhen ;-)
Thanks a lot my dear Stoffwechselpartner! I have an idea, whom you could be, I definitely know, that you have children, because the fabrics was in a shoe box of children shoes ;-)

Und auch vielen Dank an Lotti und Hannah für das Organisieren des Stoffwechselaustausches. Es hat mir sehr viel Spaß gemacht!


Tine Travels: Lignano Sabbiadoro and Venice

The way I choose my travel destinations is always led by different motivations. Once a year I want to have a nice holiday on a beach, with a bit of sightseeing and general relaxing atmosphere. Then there should always be a city trip to get to know another culture.
And then there are the travel destinations that are led by events, like in this year for example the World Champinoships in Wheelgymnastics 2015. I didn't just want to attend the event, I also applied for a volunteering position and so I helped on three days for a couple of hours with the event that took place in Lignano Sabbiadoro/Italy.
The wheelgymastics competition took place in the same week that the World Sports Games 2015 were held in Lignano. It's a sort of mini Olympic Games just for amateur sportsmen. But it had all the same ceremonys like lighting a fire, an opening ceremony with music and shows and a sports village, where most of the competitions took place.
The wheelgymnastics show was very well appreciated by the audience and in the come and try sessions that were held during the week lots of people said, what they saw there animated them to come and try this kind of sport.
This is the German wheelgymastics team. I'm very proud of one of the gymnasts whom I know from about eight years ago, when he started in my club as a beginner and now eight years later he takes part in a World Championships competition.

As I had to take days off from work, I also wanted to see Venice which is closeby to Lignano, so on Day Three of the games I said goodbye to my fellow volunteers and went on to see Venice. After a one hour train ride and a short trip by bus, I arrived at my camping ground, where I stayed for two more nights.
I immediately made my way to the old town of Venice and got on the vaporetto to explore the Grand Canal and the centre of Venezia.
I couldn't stop snapping pictures, because Venice is just so pretty.
I spent some time in the area of the Rialto Bridge and just enjoyed watching other tourists from all over the world.
On my last day in Venice I stopped by the Piazza di San Marco and enjoyed a beautiful view from the tower.
I also went into the Basicilia di San Marco, but no pictures are allowed in there.
But this is one of the beautiful mosaics at the entrance of the Basilica.
I also visited Burano, which I heard of and when I saw it in person, it was so pretty! Unfortunately stupid me forgot to charge the camera before heading to Burano, so I could take only three or four pictures there and then my camera went dead. I definitely have to come back!
I was inspired by the gondolieri who wear striped t-shirts or polo shirts and so I wore my denim pinafore dress with a stripey tee. I had a lot of me-made garments with me on this travel.
And of course I also bought some fabric. I stumbled upon the shop Benevento when I was just hanging around and of course I had to get a fabric souvenir, though at 35 € for 1,5 m it was definitely on the expensive side.


Tine Sews: Me Made May Day 21 to 31

Wow, today has marked the end of May, which means that also Me Made May 2015 is coming to an end. I have to say that I had lots of fun this year and also the documentation of the month went quite well. There has been only one day this month where I didn't wear me-made and that was because I packed too lightly, when I travelled to Berlin and didn't have the perfect outfit on hand. The other days it was quite easy to find something me-made in my wardrobe, because I have more things handmade than bought in my spring/summer wardrobe.

So, here ist goes - day 21 to 31 of Me Made May 2015.

Day 21:
This skirt has been in my closet way too long. It was pushed to the back of my closet and only when I started to tidy the skirt and shorts section, I found it again. Wearing it with my new Merchant&Mills for Uniqlo T-Shirt. It should really get worn more often!

Day 22:
Travelling to Berlin I decided on a comfy outfit. The blouse is one of my favourites, because it's made of this super pretty cotton-silk fabric that was used in Kate Moss first collection for Topshop. I can also see this blouse tucked into a hight-waisted skirt or worn with shorts in summer.

Day 23:
Okay, so I have to confess - no me-made items on this day, where I explored Berlin and went to the Nähkontor and Maybachufermarkt. But I wore my Merchant&Mills T-Shirt and bought some things for sewing, so I guess that makes up for the lack of me-made clothes. And I wore me-made PJs in the night. I just didn't have the appropriate me-made t-shirt in my travel wardrobe.

Day 24:
Together with my friends I went to see the Karneval der Kulturen (carnival of cultures) in Berlin-Kreuzberg. It was a super hot day, so I could finally wear my Elsie dress out and about.

Day 25:
Travelling back to Hamburg after a very short night. We returned to the flat of my friend at quarter to six in the morning and had to get up at 10, so there was certainly a lack of sleep. Wearing a me-made skirt, which is definitely a favourite among my skirts and I wish we'd have more days of sun, so that I could finally take it out more often.

Day 26:
It was a nice day, but maybe a tad too cold for slip-ons without socks. Anyway I wore this comfortable outfit of me-made T-Shirt and thrifted rayon pants with little dots. I felt great in this outfit.

Day 27:
It's been way colder than it should be at the end of May, so I had to wear tights. This fallish outfit of a me-made denim skirt and a thrifted cashmere sweater was the perfect company for a day at the office.

Day 28:
Being dressed too lightly on the first days of the week, took it's toll and I ended with a sore throat in the morning. Therefore I spent the most of the day in bed and only got out in the evening because I had to run some errands. I wore to pieces that I made my own by embroidering the sweatshirt with a favourite quote from a Frank Turner song and by adding some ribbon on the sideseam of the jeggings.

Day 29:
Feeling much better and enjoying a bit warmer weather, I decided on wearing my heart-print blouse that I made from a vintage pattern and some white denim that I bought in California.

Day 30:
Doing some grocery shopping and errands on a normal saturday, then some cooking and general lazy saturdaay activities. I wore these green printed pants, I already stuffed into the back of my closet, because I didn't like the fit anymore, but with a few pound more I'm having at the moment they fit okay.

Day 31:
It's the final day of Me Made May! Yay, I made it. And to celebrate the day I'm wearing my Elsie dress, which is unfortunately after the wash even shorter than on the day I wore it first. So I guess it's more of a tunic than a dress and I should wear it with tights or leggings at all times. Maybe not at the beach, I think I can get away with the length at the beach.

So, I guess now it's also time to evaluate what I pledged and what I did in the month. Remember my pledge? I said that, I want to wear especially the garments, I haven't worn that often and donate the pieces to a charity, if I didn't want to wear them during May. 
 I actually did wear a lot of garments, that I had forgotten about or that I didn't wear that often, because I thought they wouldn't fit me or other reasons. I'm still a bit hesitant about the second part of my pledge though. I part really badly with my clothes, but I guess in the next days I should really have a look in my closet and clean out the garments that I just don't want to wear anymore and give them to charity.

How did your pledge go?


Tine Shops: Maybachufermarkt and Nähkontor in Berlin

This weekend I had the pleasure to travel to Berlin to meet an old friend who lives there. Since today is a bank holiday in Germany I managed to stay for three nights and got to do a lot of my favourite and some new things in the city.

Berlin and I didn't get along on our first visits, I never really got the spirit of the city. Maybe that's because when I went to Berlin for the first time it was when I was about 16 and it was on a school trip. I didn't really get to see the cool places and I had a first impression of the city being an enourmous building lot.
Now that my friend lives there for about seven years already and I have visited the city a couple of more times, I slowly got to know why the city is loved by so many of its residents. Though I'm still not quite sure if I'd like to live in the city for a longer time.

What I love about the city is the diversity and the many individual and cheap restaurants. On this stay I even got to experience a night in an electro club, which is the favourite style of music in Berlins' clubbing scene. I was a bit biased, but liked it and my friends and I stayed till the sun had risen again.

Another thing I always do, when I'm in town, is hitting the Maybachufermarkt, which offers some fabric stalls and you can get really nice things for only up to 5 € the meter.
This time I also made my way to Prenzlauer Berg/Friederichshain to visit the Nähkontor. I met Nina, one of the founders, on the sewing weekends of Annäherung in Bielefeld and always planned to visit her shop one time and this time I did. The shop is really cute and easy to reach. The interior and some of the assortment is from an old haberdashery shop and Nina and her partner added some current fabrics and notions and also offer sewing classes. You should really go there, if you want to have a really cool shopping experience.

Of course I couldn't leave the Maybachufermarkt and the Nähkontor without buying something. Here you can see, what I got:
I plan to make a pair of shorts for my upcoming holiday to Venice in June and already have the fabric, that I want to use, but I wanted to have a neon pink bias tape for binding the edges. I couldn't get it locally, so I was very happy to find it in the Nähkontor and also found a matching cord, which I will use for the drawstring waist of the shorts.
At the Nähkontor I also got two pieces of quilting cotton. One is printed with cameras and one has bits and bobs of haberdashery and sewing accessories printed in vivid colours. I lately did a sewing tutorial for a small pouch at work and plan to make some pouches from these fabrics.
At the Maybachufermarkt I found two amazing rayon fabrics for only 3 € the meter. It was hard to decide which fabrics to take, because they had lots of pretty ones. In the end I decided on this confetti print and a floral print. I got 4 m of the confetti print, so I hope to be able to make a small summer collection of skirt, top and dress of the fabric. The floral print was also available in two other colorways and would have liked to get half a meter of each, but the minimum was 1 m and so I decided to get the blue one. I have few blue things in my closet, so that will be a nice addidtion.
I also got 4 m of zipper band in yellow and some pins, because I tend to bend my pins at home.

Have you already visited Berlin? Did you get to go fabric shopping? Constanze from Nahtzugabe has written a couple of good posts about fabric shopping in Berlin.


Tine Sews: Me Made May Day 11 to 20

It's time again to update you on my Me Made May 2015. I almost always managed to take the pictures in the morning before leaving for work, but for two days, I had to cheat and took the picture later.

Day 11:

Going to work again, after a lovely weekend with my family. I was a bit chilly, so I chose a me-made corduroy skirt with heart-printed tights and a grey cashmere short sleeved knit top. The skirt is really niceely made and I love the colour. Note to myself: Make a similar skirt for summer in a summery fabric!

Day 12:
I'm repeating an outfit that I wore for last years Me Made May. The blouse is made by me, but really old. I think I must have made it in 2008 or so. I still love the fabric and the cut of it. I should use the pattern again this year.

Day 13:
Both, jeans and T-Shirt, were made by me and are much loved. The fabric of the jeans, was a purchase at the Dutch fabric market. I still have about 30 cm of the fabric left and think of making shorts or a skirt combining the fabric with a black jeans left-over. The T-Shirt is my favourite at the moment, love the olive green.

Day 14:
A public holiday in Germany again, so I wore my leggings and a T-Shirt for a day of cleaning my apartment and sewing a bit.

Day 15:
A chiffon blouse with RTW jeans. This is what I wore for half of the day, before changing into a company T-Shirt for the rest of the day to attend a Cosplay event in Hamburg as a representative of our company.

Day 16:
It's been rag curl time! And a nice outfit of me-made jeans and a 3/4 sleeve shirt made of the softest jersey ever, so comfortable.

Day 17:
It was a rainy day on a weekend, so I stayed in for the whole day and had to add a sweater and leggings later because it was really chilly.

Day 18:
My new version of self-drafted culottes inspired by Megan Nielsen and a raglansleeve T-Shirt. Are you tired of seeing this pattern again? I'm not!

Day 19:
I just finished the shirt the evening before and had to wear it with my favourite flared black jeans. I like the shirt, though I imagined it to be a bit more of a relaced fit. Oh, and I should really learn how to do an FBA, because there is some gaping on the front, if I close all the buttons.

Day 20:
Wearing another new make that I just made on the weekend before. It's a simple rayon dress, with a little bit of an A-line. I like the colour and it's really nice to accessorize.

How is your Me Made May 2015 going?


Tine Sews: The Backpack

Backpacks had a comeback in the last years and naturally I wanted to have one too. So, for work I already designed a backpack and released the sewing instructions, but never got around to make it for myself as well.

But a month or so ago I finally ordered the matching multi-purpose binding straps, a lining fabric and backpack closures. The only thing that I couldn't get at work was a 60 cm non-dividable zipper, so I got that at the fabric store nearby. I also got the main fabric for the backpack there, but it was quite some time ago.

Actually the fabric inspired our designer to design a similar one, that we are going to produce ourselves at work. The fabric I used is a quilting cotton weight, which is, I had to realise that, not the sturdiest fabric and not so suitable for a backpack. But I loved the print, so I tried to strengthen it with a lot of interfacing and some adjustments.

The fabric that our company is going to produce will be a half panama weave, so it will be much more suitable for bags and backpacks.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the backpack.
 The bottom of the front features a zipper pocket.
 I used matching red zippers for the backpack opening and the zipper bag in the front.
 The zipper is easy to set in and is topstitched.
For my version I made padded straps and only used the multi-purpose binding straps on the bottom. I love the yellow of the straps!
Do you see the horizontal seam in the middle of the back? I had a minor problem, when I once carried too much in my newly made backpack and the fabric ripped next to the bottom strap. So I interfaced the botttom part with Decovil and also made a second layer interfaced with Decovil that I added to the bottom. This second layer is a little bit longer than the back pattern piece, so that I could attach the straps with a more sturdy stitched little square.
There is a hanger on the top of the backpack.
 The backpack closures are unfortunately only available in black.
 Here you can see the interfaced parts of the back of the backpack.
 The little squares help to distribute the force on the straps more evenly.
The inside is not pretty, but it does the job. Here you also see the fun dotted yellow cotton lining that I used.

I used this backpack quite a lot already and it also travelled to Oslo and Cologne with me.
This is my backpack on the ferry from Oslo to Kiel. I did a quick city trip to Oslo together with my father at the end of April.
And it also travelled to the craftsfair in Cologne with me in March.

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