Tine Sews: The Travel Tote Bag

It's been a while again, but this time I can actually show you, what I made. The past weeks I did rarely sit down and sew, because my serger is currently at the repair shop and there seem to be important parts missing that the repairman needs to make it work properly again.
So I only have my "normal" sewing machine at the moment and as I'm so spoiled with the overlocker, I can't stand unfinished seams anymore, so that's why I haven't really been sewing lately.
But this weekend I did and I made a new bag! Bags are rarely on the agenda nowadays, as I mostly sew clothes, but I'm going to Marrakesh on Wednesday and I don't have any bag that is travel friendly in a city where there are supposed to be many pickpockets. So I had to make a bag that closes with a zipper. And make some safe pockets inside the bag, so that I can store everything inside and be organized.

I knew the perfect size for a travel tote from my former trip to Portugal, where I carried a tote around and it was the perfect size. It just didn't have the safety features.

The new bag features everything that I consider to be essential safety wise. We'll see if I have to fear any pickpockets at all or if it's just a myth.

Anyway, here are the details of my new travel tote with safety features.

The bag closes with a zipper. Unfortunately I couldn't get a yellow one as I wanted, because my local fabric shop doesn't sell this colour. So I had to get orange. I could have gotten the perfect colour at work, but I was short on time and so I went to the shop on the day I was sewing.

On the inside there are two more pockets. One with a zipper and one that is padded.
Used the same orange zipper for the pocket. It's a 15 cm one and it's a patch pocket.
The padded pocket is perfect for electronics or my wallet.
The straps are 80 cm long and the middle part is padded as well.
For the bottom I used some sturdy upholstery fabric, which should take wear and tear better than the quilting cotton I used as a main fabric.

I'm prett happy with my new bag and hope to have an awesome trip to Marrakesh. Maybe I'l even get around sharing some of the travel memories later. Though I'm already three trips behind...

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