Tine Sews: Frau Ava

Last Friday I made an impulse buy. I saw on makerist.de that they were having a sale which also included the Frau Ava pattern by Hedi näht and since I was thinking about that pattern from the moment it popped up on Instagram I quickly hit the "Buy" button. On Friday night I taped the PDF pattern and on Sunday I made the coatigan. Of course, I wore it to work on Monday.
The pattern by Hedi, a German blogger and pattern designer, ist a loose fitting coatigan with wide three quarter sleeves and pockets in the front. It only consists of two pattern pieces, the pockets and the facings. A very quick make indeed.
The fabric I used, sat in my stash way too long, but it's perfect for the pattern. The wool fabric was one of my first purchases, when I started working for stoffe.de
I have to apologize for the very bad quality of these pictures, but it started getting dark, when I took them and I had to lighten them up quite a bite.
The coatigan is not as flattering as the Stadtmantel by Crafteln, but it's comfy.
The coatigan has no lining, only a facing around the front. That makes it such a quick make. I already have plans for a second version, but might line that as I plan on using a leopard print furry fabric.

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  1. This is the first time I have ever seen the word coatigan. Excellent word!

    Very nice make, it's a good bright colour for cold winter days


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