Tine Talks: Interview For German Podcast

It's already been a while ago since I was in Bielefeld for the annual Annäherung event. And I totally forgot about the fact, that I took part in an interview series for a German Podcast.

Muriel, the blogger of Nahtzugabe 5 cm (Seam Allowance 5cm), has started the podcast in November 2014 and since then published fifteen podcasts. For the event in Bielefeld, the dear Chrissy jumped in because Muriel couldn't be there and it was so much fun to talk to Chrissy and totally forget, that the conversation was recorded. Thank you Chrissy, for making it so easy and leading the conversation so professional that I even lost my fear of speaking into a microphone!

Today I heard the podcast for the first time, as it was published on March 28th and I didn't see the blogpost about the podcast yet. And I'm really happy, that even though I always hated my voice, it's not as bad as I always remembered. Maybe it's not really radio-conform, but at least I don't feel ashamed of it anymore. Well, I guess I should be a little less critical with myself!

On another note: In the last weeks I had a really busy time, so I rarely got to sit in front of my machine, but I went fabric shopping in an African Wax Print shop in Cologne, visited the Baltic Sea, went to the most important trade fair for handcrafting in Cologne/ Germany and even managed to fit in a weekend with a friend to sew together. This blog has been neglected though and that is a shame, but as this is my very personal blog I'm fine with not posting continously. I manage to update my Instagram much more frequently, so if you want to know, what's going on in my sewing and partly personal life, check out my feed on Instagram.

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