Tine Inspires: Simple Seventies Styles

I rarely talk about my inspirations on the blog. Though I'm constantly inspired by my surroundings, blogs and the occassional day of window shopping in the city.

It's been a while since I've shopped in a "regular" shop. Most of my shopping is done in a charity shop or in the fabric shops either online or offline. Though I also try to keep that as minimal as possible. I orgnaized my stash quite a few weeks ago and was overwhelmed by the choice of fabrics I already got and made the decision to use all of these fabrics in this year at least for one project. So far I've been doing good and only bought additive notions.

This year I've been to one fleamarket yet, but didn't buy anything. I try to be more decisive in what I buy and find a definite line of style. I find that I often buy second-hand more easily than if I had to pay the retail price. And I'm not sure anymore if that's how I want to consume.

It my sound weird especially knowing that I work in marketing and my job is to sell to people, my personal ideas about consumption are totally against what I promote as a professional. Though I always tell myself, that at least I' not promoting to buy garments made by underage workers from low wage countries.

Anyway, sometimes life is just contrary I guess.

My latest inspiration is all about the seventies. It started with my flares I made two years ago, then this year I got myself some original Swedish clogs and made my own pattern for a pair of culottes, which I shared on Instagram alreday.
Actually I guess I've always inspired by the Seventies. I have the theory that you fall in love with the decade before your birth decade. And since I was born in the Eighties, I naturally love the Seventies. Simple, isn't it?
I love the shapes of the Seventies fashion, some of the colour palettes like the mustards and oranges and also the patterns. It's great though that nowadays I can also combine the Seventies classics with some more modern shapes and make an interesting mix of old and new.

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