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This is the best picture I can give you, of what's going on in my sewing life at the moment. This weekend I pretty much spent all time sewing. Well apart from the time I spent grocery shopping, apartment cleaning and general chores.

The only problem. I can't get decent pictures of my makes. I really love what I'm sewing and making at the moment, but somehow I don't get around to take appropriate pictures. I tried yesterday, I really tried and put on some make-up and thought I could make use of the sun outside to get a good lighting on the tripod pictures. But it didn't work. Either the picture was properly lighted but then I was having an akward posture, or the light was bad and I had a good smile on my face.

I know, you'll be thinking "Well, just ask someone to take a picture of you". But there's a thing. I feel really akward doing that. I don't have a problem to be photographed, I just grew up with an education of "being too full of yourself" when I'd care about how I look on a photo, if my smile was right or if my pose was fun. In my childhood we usually only took photos on a holiday or family trip. I guess that's how everybody pre-digital-camera grew up.
Of course I also experimented a bit with camera, when I was in school. I even went to the photography club after school, but we mainly developed pictures and didn't really do shootings. Somewhen in my teens, I got myself a digital camera and started shooting my sewn garments. But I was always very shy in putting the pictures out there. Well, even more shy telling my family about that. I guess for many people the most regular reader of the blog is their mom. I didn't really tell my mum about the blog in the first months after I started it, because I had the feeling of "being too full of myself".

Well enough rambling. In my personal life I have a couple of goals for this year, and working on the past is one of my tasks that I gave myself. So I guess, it's good to reflect every now and then. I guess a blog doesn't work without pictures, so I will think about how to get over the past and the judgement of other people on what I do. I like blogging and I like to get inspired by other people's blogs, so I hope to be able to share this year more of what I'm doing too. There's a huge backlog of garments that you didn't get to see yet. There's the Rosari skirt, the parka I made on Annäherung 2016, plenty of skirts, shirt blouses, culottes and bags.

This beautiful ribbon was bought in 2014 when I met Charlie in London, stayed with her and we did a bit of Walthhamstow shopping. It adorns the hemline of latest skirt I made. I'm in love!

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