Tine Talks: Interview For German Blog ellepuls.com

Wow, it's been a while since I last posted on here. I have been busy sewing though in the last couple of months. Maybe I'll share the outcome, maybe it will take me another couple of months until you read something on here again, who knows.

I've been busy working though too and work opens quite a few interesting possibilities. German blogger Elke from Elle Puls was looking for an interview partner for a blog series and invited me to talk a bit about how I got into the professional world of the sewing business. And I was happy to give my thoughts on blogging, sewing and a little insight on how a company in the fabric business operates the whole (social media) world.

I'm very honored to have been asked. The interview can be read here. It's in German, though I guess you could make work with Google Translate.

Anyway, because Elke needed a current picture for the interview, I did a short photo session in the office with one of my colleagues who works as photographer in the company. I really like the result, so I guess I won't be shy and share it on here as well.

That's me pretending to be always on the go with my phone. In the back you can see a realistic version of my desktop at work, which is filled with Excel spreadsheets.
I wore a self drafted shirt and some jeans, I made with fabric from Stoffmarkt Holland.

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