Tine Travels And Sews: Annäherung 2016

It's become a tradition. Every January on the third weekend of the month, it's AnNÄHerung - THE sewing weekend for sewing enthusiasts and sewing bloggers in Bielefeld. As tradition dictates, it's also a necessary component of the weekend for me to miss the welcome dinner and arrive late to the introduction.
In the introduction on Friday evening everyone tells a bit about herself and the plans for the weekend. From skirts, to trenchcoats, childrens clothing and coat projects, everyone has their own goal for two days of sewing that is only interrupted by the occasioal lunch and dinner break.

For the first time I brought two projects, as I thought that both would be quick. If I hadn't done some things wrong on the first try, they would have both been finished, but since I hadn't marked some things on my fabric and got confused when inserting the zipper on my utility jacket, it took longer than expected.

So what did I want to sew? I had cut and prepared a utility jacket in black water repellent twill, that I made from a pattern in Burda 07/2000. It's the issue that started my passion for sewing and the issue that I made the most garments of yet. I still have some patterns from the issue, that I'd like to make - maybe even my wedding dress will be from the issue.

I also brought the Rosari skirt pattern pieces, which I blogged about at the end of last year. I found some suede imitate at a closeby fabric store and had a clear image of the finished skirt in my mind.

On Friday night I started the jacket, stopped sewing at around midnight because I was a bit tired and on Saturday afternoon I finished it. With some minor problems though, but the great thing about sewing in a group that everytime you sigh someone asks what's wrong and offers you help. Thank you Heidy! I hadn't marked the proper position of the zipper on the jacket front pieces, so I sewed the zipper in at the wrong place first, but then, we found the mistake and I could correct it after some seam ripping.
Basting by hand - that's what I do, when sewing people are around
I also had to adjust the front when I was at home, because the neckline on the left side was higher than on the right side. I don't like seam ripping and usually I tell myself no one will notice the mistakes, but for this project I was really motivated to make it as perfect as possible.
The finished utility jacket has four pockets in the front and elastic casings on the neckline, waist and hem. It has raglan sleeves.
This is one corner of our sewing room. We also had various ironing boards, but only one mirror, so that's where the chatting took place. I've been to Bielefeld since the sewing weekend started, so it's been my third time and this year I promsed myself to spend more time chatting and not rush through my project. So I tried to chat with the others and get the occasionaly snack after every third seam, which almost worked out.

I love the atmosphere that the working sewing machines create and the chatter of happy sewing people. It's amazing how this little hobby brings together people and also how much impact the blogosphere has and how it brings together women from all over Germany. Every year I'm so inspired after the weekend that I can't wait to get back to Bielefeld in the next year. Already thinking about ideas for next years project gets my head spinning.
One weekend is not enough so I plan to have some "private" sewing weekends with friends this year too.

I have to thank the ladys who had the original idea for the weekend and organising the event three years in a row so much. You're great and I hope that we can continue our annual meet up for years to come! Their blogs are in German, but if you want to see what they are up to, check out Mamamachtsachen, Drehumdiebolzeningenieur and Alle Wünsche werden wahr. Google Translate can help!

PS: The Rosari skirt deserves an own post and of course I will also blog about the utility jacket. Both should be wardrobe staples in the spring.

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  1. Das Wochenende war wunderschön und ich hoffe du bist doch noch gut in Hamburg angekommen. Bis zum nächsten Mal,


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