Tine Inspires: Knitting And Podcasts

Lately I've been more drawn to knitting than sewing. It all started with the upcoming Holiday season. Last year I gifted my dad a voucher for hand knitted socks. Delivery time up to 48 months. I set myself a personal goal though, to finish them till this years' Christmas.

And so the wool was there, I knew what I wanted to knit, but to get in the groove of knitting I started with something else. A hat. I never really use a pattern for a hat, I knit by intuition. So for this hat I just counted on another one, how many stitches to cast on and then just went for it.

The wool was a find at my local yarn shop. I'm pretty excited that I don't just have a fabric shop, but also a yarn shop in my neighbourhood. I had a browse there with a friend some weeks ago and this wool stuck into my mind. It's shades of grey but with a little sparkle by a lurex thread running through the wool. I bought two balls, because the shop assistant advised me to. Then I knitted the hat and found out I only needed one ball. Next weekend I went to the shop, returned the unused wool and then got a new colorway of the same quality.

So my next project is already planned and should keep my hands busy during Christmas.

But I didn't really start this post on rambling about my hat. It should be about the socks for my fahther. Yes, I can already say socks, because I finished the first sock and am already in the finishing stages of the second sock. The wool was also bought at my local yarn shop, but he got to choose a colorway - no sparkling threads, unfortunately. But he chose a nice red, grey and brown Regia wool, which makes an interesting striped pattern. And without any intent or knowledge about knitting socks with this wool - the patterns match on both socks. I have no idea, if that is a lucky chance, or if I'm just knitting the right size of socks with the ball of wool. I mean, certainly, if I chose to knit a size 39 instead of a 41 it wouldn't match, I guess. Or does ist? Anybody knitted socks more often than I do?

While knitting I found a new love: Podcasts! And audio books. I listened to my first audio book this weekend, which was a cheesy story by Sophie Kinsella and then some really interesting podcasts. A while ago I listened to the German one by Nahtzugabe5cm with Sinje as a guest. Today and the last days I found the ones by Elise Blaha of Elise Joy. Through one of her podcasts, I found this article linking to even more podcasts. And then I somehow found this blog by Emily Henderson, whom I didn't know before.
So much inspiration!

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