On Trend: The Blouson

It seems that nearly every blog post starts with "These fabrics have been lying in my stash forever...", but at the moment I'm trying to sew from what I've got and only buy the matching fabrics that I need to finish a project. So, this is my new blouson. The idea to use this fabric came into my mind when I looked through my stash and found these two remnants from the same print only in two different colourways. I like mixing patterns and this seemed to be a perfect match.

By browsing some shops and Pinterest I found many cute blousons and also the versions of Clare, Erin and Sophie made me want a cute bomber myself. Because I couldn't wait for the Rigel to be shipped to Germany, I browsed through some Burda magazines and found a similar pattern in issue 3/2014 and 2/2013 ( shows that, even though styling and some patterns are just off sometimes, Burda still produces pieces that are on trend, right before the trend hits the streets).

Here is some of the inspiration that I collected:
 Because the Burda pattern of the issue 03/2014 didn't have the v-neck like the blouson of Papercut Patterns, I merged it with the collar of the blouson in issue 02/ 2013. So the pattern is a mix of model 124 and 125. It's still a bit different but only in the way the sleeves are attached and it's hardly noticeable. But I'm going to redraft the shoulder part, when I make a second version of the jacket. And I will definitely do that! Now I've got the spotty version, but I'm also dreaming about having a simple black one, maybe with contrasting sleeves or a floral one...
So, this is it. Blue dots in the front.
And yellow dots in the back. And yes, I totally wear matching socks, also with dots.
Here is, how I wore it with my parka, because though it's warm in Germany right now, it's still too cold for the blouson only.

I'm wearing me-made jeans with my me-made blouson. They are made with my basic trouser pattern, that I only sewed a little smaller by omitting the seam allowances. Now the fit is nearly perfect. On my next pair I'm going to take in the side seam about one more centimetre and then the fit will be spot on.
All other items are thrifted from various flea markets, thrift shops and second hand stores.

How do you like my version of a dotted blouson? Any tips, how the sleeves of the Papercut Rigel are actually drafted?

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