Me Made Mittwoch: The Sweatshirt

I guess I should really invest in a better camera instead of using my old point-and-shoot, but I'm pretty happy about the tripod and the fact that I even have a camera that works. I'm pretty bad when it comes to electronics, so if anbody has an idea on which camera to get, I would greatly appreaciate any help.

But I'm back with pictures and on the day of Me-made-Mittwoch, so this is pretty cool. I haven't had the time to do my daily bloground at work today, so tonight I'll browse the Me-made Mittwoch gallery and see what the other ladies made. Thank you so much for collecting the lovely me-mades!

On to the outift: I'm wearing a me-made sweatshirt made of a polyester-cotton-blend sweatshirt fabric that I got at a bazaar in Bursa/Turkey. It's hard to see on the picture, but it's lightly marbled and not just plain white. I combined it with some cuff knit, that I got at work and the whole sweater was made in one evening. I used the serger on all seams. The pattern that I used was Kanga again, but this time I had to change the pattern again, so I don't think I'll use it again. The sleeves were again much too baggy and so I made a second seam on the sleeve to create a better fit.

Jeans are thrifted from a fleamarket, shirt is thrifted from a second hand shop and the shoes are Deichmann sneakers.

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