On Trend: The Sweater

The fabrics for this project habe been lying in my stash since one year now and I finally got around to transform them into a garment. The idea was to make a funky sweater which can be dressed up or down and which will be comfy in winter, as well as be fashionable and trendy. I found some inspiration in different online shops and with some ideas from my mind I made my very own individual piece.
One of the sweaters I found was more than 1000 €! I could never spend so much on a piece of clothing, but knowing how much one of my sweaters could be worth is kind of cool. 
I used a German pattern from the company called Farbenmix. The name of the sweater is Kanga and it is very well-respected in the German blogger world. I think it's a great pattern too, but it runs a bit large. I cut a size L, as it was written in the instructions according to my breast measurement, but the sweater ran a bit large. So in the end I took in the side seams and now it's more like a size M. Maybe it's just me, because I don't like baggy sleeves, but somehow the fit was a bit awkward to begin with. 
Now with the changes I'm more than happy and think that I'll probably make one or two more sweaters. I like the colour blocked version of Sinje very much, so maybe I'll try something similar.
The fabrics that I used are all from stoffe.de and are still available, so get them while you can!

The fabric with the zig zag stripes is very cool, but it's made with 25 % wool, so unfortunately this is a high class sweater that I can't just throw in the washing machine. But on the other hand, no stain will be seen on this material!
For the cuffs and neckband I had to use a darker grey that for the sleeves and back, beause the light marble grey is currently sold out and needs to be restocked. But I think the different colours give a little bit of a twist to the shape of the sweatshirt.
I'm wearing the sweater with a pair of black skinny jeans, that I also made and some leopard flats. It's an outfit that is very me - funky on the top and plain on the bottom. For the colder days I'd wear it with some black boots.

For those of you, who'd like to make something similar: Here are all the fabrics that I used.

Yarn Mix Zig Zag 17 Sweatshirt Angeraut 13 Bündchen 5

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