Tine Loves: Rosari Pattern By Pauline Alice

Guys, I just found the perfect pattern for my next skirt I want to make. Usually I don't use PDF patterns - that is if I have to buy them. Paying for them always went out of my head, but I've been searching for a skirt pattern like this for quite a while and when I saw that Pauline Alice released this pattern, I almost immediately purchased it. But then this little voice in my head said " Couldn't you also make it from your basic sloper, wouldn't that be possible?".
The Rosari Skirt by Pauline Alice

And yes, it would totally be possible, BUT I decided to purchase it. Just now. Like within seconds I typed in my credit card information and there it was, the pattern on my laptop and now I only need to buy new ink for the printer, so that I can print this thing. Or maybe I'll print it at work, but shhh, don't tell anyone.

But anyway, I have the perfect suede in my fabric stash, which I can finally use. Unfortunately it's already quite old, so it's not online anymore, but I will definitely think about making this in denim and another faux leather as well.
So, if you'd like to sew the skirt yourself, why not try one of these fabrics?
Pure Denim 1 Nubuk 12 Nubuk 7

I have yet to see, whether the Nubuk is really suitable for a skirt, because it's originally an upholstery fabric, but from the weight I'd guess, that it's right. I'll keep you posted!
Edit: I had a look at the samples today and had to fiund out that Nubuk is really just suitable for bags and upholstery as it has a very stiff backside. So I'm still on the hunt for a great suede in black or grey. Any ideas for sources?

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  1. Looks good, hope the skirt turns out well!

    My next pair of tap shoes will have terracotta nubuk accents on them. I don't know much about types of leather but it seems to be a beautiful textile.


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