Tine Sews: Sweatpants

Okay, so I'm not sure. Are sweatpants still on trend? Or am I too late to jump on the bandwagon? I really liked the Hudson pants once they came out, but somehow I don't like to buy PDF patterns. I own exactly one and that is the Farbemix Kanga which I bought and then wasn't happy with the fit at all and altered the pattern quite much, so somehow I'm not convinced in buying PDFs if I can find a similar pattern in a magazin or book.

I have to say I'm pretty good at finding patterns that are similar to patterns from my favourite American designers in old Burda magazines or books I can get at the library.
These sweatpants were made from a pattern that I found in a Fait Main magazin, which is a pattern magazine from France.
It is made by the same publisher as the Burda magazines. I once got the magazine at work, when we distributed these magazines in all the parcels that went out to France. I immediately saw the potential of these pants and then there is also a pattern for cute overalls, so I snatched an issue for myself.

The pants are really comfy ( still wearing them as I type this post).

Okay, this might not be the best looking bum view, but hey these are sweatpants and they are meant for lounging around and being comfy!

It took a while until I got the cuffs right. First I tried a normal hem, which didn't look good. Then I tried a cuff made of the sweatshirt material, but it wasn't stretchy enough. Then I finally had the idea about using some of the sweatshirt knit cuffs, that I used for the waistband and it worked.

I lined the pockets with a grey cotton fabric, as I didn't have enough from the sweatshirt knit. I got the fabric at Stoff&Stil when they had a sale, I think in the beginning of the year.

I'm wearing the pants with my favourite khaki T-Shirt ( also made by me) and some Vans, which I once thrifted for 3 €.

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