Tine Makes: Crochet Sandals

Lately I haven't really been making anything. I feel inspired, but I don't find the motivation to really sit down in front of my machine, copy a pattern or cut some fabric. But I found quite a joy in trying myself in crochet.

Two weekends ago I visited a DIY-night and they offered the possibility to make espadrilles, or anything else you wanted to do with the espadrilles soles from Prym. I had made espadrilles before, but back then I used cheap espadrilles where I just cut off the fabric and made my own pattern pieces. The espadrilles soles from Prym are way better though, because they have a rubber sole and probably last longer than the cheap version. And with a price of 8,70 € on Amazon, they aren't that much more expensive than the cheap version from a decor shop.

I finished one sandal already. I was inspired by the Spanish sling back sandals called Avarcas from Menorca. They are made in leather though and I used the crochet technique to form my sandal pieces. I'm really into combining yellow and blue shades and so I chose a really nice mustard yellow and minty blue for my version.
I really can't stop crocheting so maybe I will finish the sandal today and then I'll definitely snap some pictures again.

Today I also found the time to prewash some fabrics, which were lying around for quite a while already. In my mind I already made the fabrics into garments, so it was definitely time to prewash them , so that I can get started on sewing with them soon.
What have you been making lately?

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