Tine Inspires: The DIY-Night In Hamburg

Last weekend I got to visit a fun event for work. Three creative ladies organised a DIY-Night in their studios in the Theodorhof in Hamburg Bahrenfeld. As the company I work for sponsored the event, I got a ticket and also met up with Ina from Pattydoo beforehand to talk and exchange ideas.

I love to meet other creative people, because it's always so inspiring to meet likeminded women who make their passion for sewing and crafting to a career. I'm still not sure where I'm gonna see myself in the next years, as I have some ideas for work and career opportunities, so it's always great to talk with people who already made it work.

The DIY-Night started at 5 pm and lasted till 1 am. There were different workshops that you could attend. Each of the workshops lasted about one and a half hours and was repeatedly offered through the night. In the evening everybody could make his own schedule and decide what they wanted to work on in the night.

I chose a espadrilles making workshop, braiding a Paracrod bracelet, screenprinting and origami. As I sew enough on my own already I chose not to attend a sewing workshop, though I would have liked to sew with the Farbenmix fabric kits.

The espadrilles weren't possible to finish during the workshop, but I got to take home the materials and this weekend I already finished the first sandal. I like that the Prym soles we were using have a rubber sole and are a bit more sturdy than the soles from the storebought espadrilles I bought for making my espadrilles last year.

Screenprinting and origami were also fun workshops, as I rarely get to do it. But it totally motivated to try my hands at different creative techniques more often.

I had lots of fun on the DIY-Night and would love it if there were more of these kind of events!

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