Tine Shops: Maybachufermarkt and Nähkontor in Berlin

This weekend I had the pleasure to travel to Berlin to meet an old friend who lives there. Since today is a bank holiday in Germany I managed to stay for three nights and got to do a lot of my favourite and some new things in the city.

Berlin and I didn't get along on our first visits, I never really got the spirit of the city. Maybe that's because when I went to Berlin for the first time it was when I was about 16 and it was on a school trip. I didn't really get to see the cool places and I had a first impression of the city being an enourmous building lot.
Now that my friend lives there for about seven years already and I have visited the city a couple of more times, I slowly got to know why the city is loved by so many of its residents. Though I'm still not quite sure if I'd like to live in the city for a longer time.

What I love about the city is the diversity and the many individual and cheap restaurants. On this stay I even got to experience a night in an electro club, which is the favourite style of music in Berlins' clubbing scene. I was a bit biased, but liked it and my friends and I stayed till the sun had risen again.

Another thing I always do, when I'm in town, is hitting the Maybachufermarkt, which offers some fabric stalls and you can get really nice things for only up to 5 € the meter.
This time I also made my way to Prenzlauer Berg/Friederichshain to visit the Nähkontor. I met Nina, one of the founders, on the sewing weekends of Annäherung in Bielefeld and always planned to visit her shop one time and this time I did. The shop is really cute and easy to reach. The interior and some of the assortment is from an old haberdashery shop and Nina and her partner added some current fabrics and notions and also offer sewing classes. You should really go there, if you want to have a really cool shopping experience.

Of course I couldn't leave the Maybachufermarkt and the Nähkontor without buying something. Here you can see, what I got:
I plan to make a pair of shorts for my upcoming holiday to Venice in June and already have the fabric, that I want to use, but I wanted to have a neon pink bias tape for binding the edges. I couldn't get it locally, so I was very happy to find it in the Nähkontor and also found a matching cord, which I will use for the drawstring waist of the shorts.
At the Nähkontor I also got two pieces of quilting cotton. One is printed with cameras and one has bits and bobs of haberdashery and sewing accessories printed in vivid colours. I lately did a sewing tutorial for a small pouch at work and plan to make some pouches from these fabrics.
At the Maybachufermarkt I found two amazing rayon fabrics for only 3 € the meter. It was hard to decide which fabrics to take, because they had lots of pretty ones. In the end I decided on this confetti print and a floral print. I got 4 m of the confetti print, so I hope to be able to make a small summer collection of skirt, top and dress of the fabric. The floral print was also available in two other colorways and would have liked to get half a meter of each, but the minimum was 1 m and so I decided to get the blue one. I have few blue things in my closet, so that will be a nice addidtion.
I also got 4 m of zipper band in yellow and some pins, because I tend to bend my pins at home.

Have you already visited Berlin? Did you get to go fabric shopping? Constanze from Nahtzugabe has written a couple of good posts about fabric shopping in Berlin.

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