Tine Sews: Me Made May Day 21 to 31

Wow, today has marked the end of May, which means that also Me Made May 2015 is coming to an end. I have to say that I had lots of fun this year and also the documentation of the month went quite well. There has been only one day this month where I didn't wear me-made and that was because I packed too lightly, when I travelled to Berlin and didn't have the perfect outfit on hand. The other days it was quite easy to find something me-made in my wardrobe, because I have more things handmade than bought in my spring/summer wardrobe.

So, here ist goes - day 21 to 31 of Me Made May 2015.

Day 21:
This skirt has been in my closet way too long. It was pushed to the back of my closet and only when I started to tidy the skirt and shorts section, I found it again. Wearing it with my new Merchant&Mills for Uniqlo T-Shirt. It should really get worn more often!

Day 22:
Travelling to Berlin I decided on a comfy outfit. The blouse is one of my favourites, because it's made of this super pretty cotton-silk fabric that was used in Kate Moss first collection for Topshop. I can also see this blouse tucked into a hight-waisted skirt or worn with shorts in summer.

Day 23:
Okay, so I have to confess - no me-made items on this day, where I explored Berlin and went to the Nähkontor and Maybachufermarkt. But I wore my Merchant&Mills T-Shirt and bought some things for sewing, so I guess that makes up for the lack of me-made clothes. And I wore me-made PJs in the night. I just didn't have the appropriate me-made t-shirt in my travel wardrobe.

Day 24:
Together with my friends I went to see the Karneval der Kulturen (carnival of cultures) in Berlin-Kreuzberg. It was a super hot day, so I could finally wear my Elsie dress out and about.

Day 25:
Travelling back to Hamburg after a very short night. We returned to the flat of my friend at quarter to six in the morning and had to get up at 10, so there was certainly a lack of sleep. Wearing a me-made skirt, which is definitely a favourite among my skirts and I wish we'd have more days of sun, so that I could finally take it out more often.

Day 26:
It was a nice day, but maybe a tad too cold for slip-ons without socks. Anyway I wore this comfortable outfit of me-made T-Shirt and thrifted rayon pants with little dots. I felt great in this outfit.

Day 27:
It's been way colder than it should be at the end of May, so I had to wear tights. This fallish outfit of a me-made denim skirt and a thrifted cashmere sweater was the perfect company for a day at the office.

Day 28:
Being dressed too lightly on the first days of the week, took it's toll and I ended with a sore throat in the morning. Therefore I spent the most of the day in bed and only got out in the evening because I had to run some errands. I wore to pieces that I made my own by embroidering the sweatshirt with a favourite quote from a Frank Turner song and by adding some ribbon on the sideseam of the jeggings.

Day 29:
Feeling much better and enjoying a bit warmer weather, I decided on wearing my heart-print blouse that I made from a vintage pattern and some white denim that I bought in California.

Day 30:
Doing some grocery shopping and errands on a normal saturday, then some cooking and general lazy saturdaay activities. I wore these green printed pants, I already stuffed into the back of my closet, because I didn't like the fit anymore, but with a few pound more I'm having at the moment they fit okay.

Day 31:
It's the final day of Me Made May! Yay, I made it. And to celebrate the day I'm wearing my Elsie dress, which is unfortunately after the wash even shorter than on the day I wore it first. So I guess it's more of a tunic than a dress and I should wear it with tights or leggings at all times. Maybe not at the beach, I think I can get away with the length at the beach.

So, I guess now it's also time to evaluate what I pledged and what I did in the month. Remember my pledge? I said that, I want to wear especially the garments, I haven't worn that often and donate the pieces to a charity, if I didn't want to wear them during May. 
 I actually did wear a lot of garments, that I had forgotten about or that I didn't wear that often, because I thought they wouldn't fit me or other reasons. I'm still a bit hesitant about the second part of my pledge though. I part really badly with my clothes, but I guess in the next days I should really have a look in my closet and clean out the garments that I just don't want to wear anymore and give them to charity.

How did your pledge go?

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