Tine Sews: Me Made May Day 11 to 20

It's time again to update you on my Me Made May 2015. I almost always managed to take the pictures in the morning before leaving for work, but for two days, I had to cheat and took the picture later.

Day 11:

Going to work again, after a lovely weekend with my family. I was a bit chilly, so I chose a me-made corduroy skirt with heart-printed tights and a grey cashmere short sleeved knit top. The skirt is really niceely made and I love the colour. Note to myself: Make a similar skirt for summer in a summery fabric!

Day 12:
I'm repeating an outfit that I wore for last years Me Made May. The blouse is made by me, but really old. I think I must have made it in 2008 or so. I still love the fabric and the cut of it. I should use the pattern again this year.

Day 13:
Both, jeans and T-Shirt, were made by me and are much loved. The fabric of the jeans, was a purchase at the Dutch fabric market. I still have about 30 cm of the fabric left and think of making shorts or a skirt combining the fabric with a black jeans left-over. The T-Shirt is my favourite at the moment, love the olive green.

Day 14:
A public holiday in Germany again, so I wore my leggings and a T-Shirt for a day of cleaning my apartment and sewing a bit.

Day 15:
A chiffon blouse with RTW jeans. This is what I wore for half of the day, before changing into a company T-Shirt for the rest of the day to attend a Cosplay event in Hamburg as a representative of our company.

Day 16:
It's been rag curl time! And a nice outfit of me-made jeans and a 3/4 sleeve shirt made of the softest jersey ever, so comfortable.

Day 17:
It was a rainy day on a weekend, so I stayed in for the whole day and had to add a sweater and leggings later because it was really chilly.

Day 18:
My new version of self-drafted culottes inspired by Megan Nielsen and a raglansleeve T-Shirt. Are you tired of seeing this pattern again? I'm not!

Day 19:
I just finished the shirt the evening before and had to wear it with my favourite flared black jeans. I like the shirt, though I imagined it to be a bit more of a relaced fit. Oh, and I should really learn how to do an FBA, because there is some gaping on the front, if I close all the buttons.

Day 20:
Wearing another new make that I just made on the weekend before. It's a simple rayon dress, with a little bit of an A-line. I like the colour and it's really nice to accessorize.

How is your Me Made May 2015 going?

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