Tine Sews: The Backpack

Backpacks had a comeback in the last years and naturally I wanted to have one too. So, for work I already designed a backpack and released the sewing instructions, but never got around to make it for myself as well.

But a month or so ago I finally ordered the matching multi-purpose binding straps, a lining fabric and backpack closures. The only thing that I couldn't get at work was a 60 cm non-dividable zipper, so I got that at the fabric store nearby. I also got the main fabric for the backpack there, but it was quite some time ago.

Actually the fabric inspired our designer to design a similar one, that we are going to produce ourselves at work. The fabric I used is a quilting cotton weight, which is, I had to realise that, not the sturdiest fabric and not so suitable for a backpack. But I loved the print, so I tried to strengthen it with a lot of interfacing and some adjustments.

The fabric that our company is going to produce will be a half panama weave, so it will be much more suitable for bags and backpacks.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the backpack.
 The bottom of the front features a zipper pocket.
 I used matching red zippers for the backpack opening and the zipper bag in the front.
 The zipper is easy to set in and is topstitched.
For my version I made padded straps and only used the multi-purpose binding straps on the bottom. I love the yellow of the straps!
Do you see the horizontal seam in the middle of the back? I had a minor problem, when I once carried too much in my newly made backpack and the fabric ripped next to the bottom strap. So I interfaced the botttom part with Decovil and also made a second layer interfaced with Decovil that I added to the bottom. This second layer is a little bit longer than the back pattern piece, so that I could attach the straps with a more sturdy stitched little square.
There is a hanger on the top of the backpack.
 The backpack closures are unfortunately only available in black.
 Here you can see the interfaced parts of the back of the backpack.
 The little squares help to distribute the force on the straps more evenly.
The inside is not pretty, but it does the job. Here you also see the fun dotted yellow cotton lining that I used.

I used this backpack quite a lot already and it also travelled to Oslo and Cologne with me.
This is my backpack on the ferry from Oslo to Kiel. I did a quick city trip to Oslo together with my father at the end of April.
And it also travelled to the craftsfair in Cologne with me in March.

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