Tine Thinks: Wardrobe Planning

I have a big wardrobe, not just figuratively speaking, but also definitely proven. The wardrobe of mine covers a wall in my bedroom. The wall is about 3.2 metres long and the wardrobe is separated into four compartments, that go up to the ceiling.

This is one - small - part of the dress, skirt and blouse section.

I didn't buy this wardrobe, I incurred it from the former tenant of my flat. She must have been a well dressed lady too. I actually also adopted a couple of vintage dresses from her wardrobe, though I haven't worn them yet. But the fabrics are lovely and one of the dresses will definitely get altered into two new garments this year.

Which brings me to wardrobe planning for 2015!

So far, I sewed whatever was on my mind. I found a cute fabric with a nice print, thought of a pattern that I could use and then made the garment. Only later I started to think, if there was any garment that I could combine it with. This means that I ended up with a lot of great pieces, but a very diverse wardrobe. I do have the rock'n'roll chique biker jacket and skinny jeans, but I also have the elegant blouse and wrap dress in DvF-style.
So far I love them all, but I tend to wear only a minority of the pieces that's in my wardrobe. Which brings me to the question if I still need any new clothes? And what do I do with all the pieces that don't combine well?
I already started last year to sew more basic items, like my black skinny jeans or the flared bell bottoms or the black mini skirt. So far so good. But what should I add to my wardrobe in 2015? I actually have enough blouses and bottoms and dresses and jackets. Maybe I should stop making anything?
I like travelling, because it gives me a chance to only pack my favourite items and wear this capsule collection.

But I love to sew and I love to try out new different styles, so I will never give up making new garments. Like really, never! Unless I won't ever get my sewing machine back. That machine is already at the shop for more that three weeks, because a part of the reverse has to be changed and the delivery of the spare part takes ages from the supplier. Fingers crossed, that the machine will be back for the sewing weekend in seven days!

Therefore I decided that I need to tackle this part of my life strategically and set myself a goal. Goals are always good, right? You can measure them and you can use them as a guide.

So, my goals for 2015 are:

Stop shopping for fabrics, unless I have used three fabrics that are already in my stash.
Edit the garments that are already in the wardrobe. Sell or donate anything that I don't like anymore.
Withstand the seduction of working at a fabric retailer. Really! Let other customers be the lucky recipients of the last metre of the much reduced dream fabric, that I found on myfabrics.co.uk. My pleasure!

See, that was easy! Now I have a list of goals, that I can look back to. I think I should actually print this out and carry it in my wallet. Like the pattern leaflet, that I carry with myself to always know, how much to buy for a certain pattern. I think I haven't blogged about that yet, did I? Note to myself: New blogpost idea!

Because I'm currently without the regular sewing machine as stated above, I think I'm gonna start with the editing of my wardrobe. Also, I want to gather ideas on how to style the garments that I already have. And I want to dig deeper into my actual style and find a coherent line.

Lots of plans, lots of ideas, I guess I better get going!

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