Tine Knits: Two Hats

At the end of the year 2014 I got the urge to knit again and started with a simple woolen hat. I had some wool leftovers from other projects, like my cardigan, and also some wool, that I once ordered for a sweater, but never got around to properly start and so I decided that I could use it for a hat.
This was my second attempt and it's exactly, what I wanted. A wide hem and a little bit of a slouch on the top of the head. This wool was a bargain from Woolworth, which I got about five years ago and it's a blend of wool and polyacyl. I like the thickness of the wool and think that it gives the hat a really nice structure.
The knitting took about three days of knitting now and then and was a real pleasure. I like to work with colours and the melange of the yarn looks really nice.
This was my first attempt and it is okay. I should've used a smaller needle size, but I used what I got and so the stucture is not so perfect. But I like the colour and the shape of the hat, so it gets worn often.
This one is  a little bit less slouchy than the second version and I also did the finish of the hem a little different. I'm still learning on every project.
What have you been knitting lately?
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