Tine Sews: Heart On The Sleeve

Even though I work in fabric heaven, I still like to shop offline and after christmas I went to the department store I always got my fabrics from, when I was in school. Funny thing is, that even eight years later, the same sales assistants work there and the selection is either a hit or miss. I actually worked for the supplier of the fabrics some years ago during university and I might have a look, if I find the fabrics online and then I'll link them for you.

This time it was a hit and I took home two fabrics, which were both less than 5 € a metre. One of them is a black and white viscose fabric, which is printed in a border print with hearts.

The other one was a mustard yellow corduroy. I immediately had the outfit in mind, that you see on the bottom of the post.

I used my trusted free pattern from The Great British Sewing Bee book(German edition), which I can highly recommend. This time I added a little more seam allowance and sewed it with my regular machine, then I finished the seams with my overlocker. I found that, if you see a light fabric only with the overlocker, the seams tend to open at some places. I don't know if that's a mistake of my machine or if that's normal?
The neckline is finished with bias tape and I also added a little tape, to mark the back.
The border print is so pretty. I got 1.5 metres and needed only about 1 m. I cut the sleeves full length first, but than decided, that it looks better with three quarter sleeves.
Pairing it with heart printed tights, of course! I love this look and can't wait to wear it out and about.

If you fancy sewing something similar, here are some suggestions for fabrics:

Fine Corduroy 12 Black & White Little Viscose Dots
Note: Yes, at work I'm paid to say good things about the products from www.myfabrics.co.uk

*, but I also would say them, if I didn't. The opinions stated in this post are totally my own.

* Yes, I use the affiliate program that is offered by myfabrics. You should check it out too!
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