Tine Wears: Favourite Outfits Of 2014

This year I made a lot of cake - wearable cake that is. My style has evolved from wearing fancy dresses and heels in school and university to more basic outfits since I moved to Hamburg. Nowadays I prefer flats, jeans, simple shirts and sweaters in winter.

I found several patterns this year that I made over and over again. But I guess, never change a winning team, right?

So, here are the most worn outfits of 2014.
I wanted some black flares for ages. Already in summer in drafted my own pattern, but didn't get around to sew as muslin. When I got denim for cheap in autumn, I made a muslin and the fit was nearly perfect on first try. I then made this black denim version and wear them a lot. I like how they flatter my body shape and make my legs longer and slimmer. I either wear them with a woven shirt like this one or with a woolen sweater.
I also made this pair of jeans at the beginning of the year. The pattern is also self-drafted and fits perfectly. I wear them a lot and unfortunately they are already quite washed out. I guess I need to make a new pair, if I get some new black denim. I wear these with absolutely everything, they are such a staple and it's so nice to be able to say "I made them". I'd recommend the Ginger jeans from Closet Case Files to anybody who is looking for a classic jeans pattern.
Something I made in about eight versions already is this basic skirt. It's from an old Burda and really easy to make. I actually used parts of the pattern to draft the jeans I made. I have this skirt in black denim, pink velvet, blue twill, silver twill, dotted IKEA fabric and a flower fabric. I've already cut two more versions in yellow corduroy and a woven fabric.
The shirt is my favourite as well. It's my copy of the Grainline Scout and I can't stop making it. I guess, I also have about five different versions of it.
This t-shirt with gathered raglan sleeves is one of my go-to patterns, if I need a new t-shirt. It's a quick sew on the overlocker and only the hem and sleeves have to be hemmed with a twin needle. I also have this in other colour combinations and with three quarter sleeves.

These are just examples on how I wear the different patterns. Which one do you like the best?
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