Tine Sews: A Merry Christmas To Everyone

The presents are wrapped, cookies are made and on the train ride back to my parents place I started a new knitting project, which I hope to finish for New Years Eve.

This year feels like it's been over way faster than any other year. It's been the first year that I worked full time for the whole course of the year, as last year I was sick due to my broken leg and the year before I just finished university in the summer. So much has changed since 2012 and even though I still need to adjust to some of the changes and learn to be more grateful, 2014 was a good year and I hope that 2015 will bring even happier memories.

Merry Christmas to everyone, wherever in the world you may live!

I hope that 2015 will bring good times to everyone, lots of love and happy memories for years to come!

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