Tine Sews: The Sweatshirt With Appliqués

This sweatshirt was made about three months ago and is a current favourite. I didn't sew the sweatshirt, but I bought it second-hand on one of my trips to Berlin. It's the perfect size, raglan-sleeve and colour and I was happy to score it at the Colours shop in Berlin-Kreuzberg.
I got myself a package of discounted appliqués at work and just ironed them on or attached them with a couple of stitches. I'd recommend just getting two or three packages and you'll definitely find enough iron-on appliqués that match.
I'm wearing the sweatshirt with my me-made jeans, which are a staple in my wardrobe. So happy that I made them. They are kind of washed out already, but the fit is great and I love the relaxed style.
Boots are from my trip to Turkey, where I had to bury my old boots because they were falling apart. But with the help of my amazing host Tugba, I found these for about 12 € max.
I can't get enough of grey sweatshirts at the moment and if I had space for more sweaters in my closet, I'd definitely sew some more sweatshirts and customize them with appliqués, embroidery or printed lyrics from my favourite songs. I have so many ideas, I can't wear them all!

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