Tine Travels: London Stop September 2014

As I already mentioned in a former post I travelled in Europe in the beginning of September. My main holiday was a week in the South of France to go surfing, but it was difficult to find flights from Germany to Biarritz. So I decided to have a stop in London, stay there for two nights and then fly down South. I was kindly hosted by Charlie from This Blog Is Not For You and her boyfriend. As always I was travelling with my backpack only, so not much luggage for fabric buys.

The first day in London Charlie had to work, so I explored the city by myself. I've already been in London quite a few times, but I find new favourite spots each time. First I walked around Notting Hill and admired the pretty houses and antique stores.
It has to be nice to live in one of the cute houses with the colourful front doors.
Lots of pretty old things.

So pretty flowers everywhere.

 Then I passed along St.Pauls and went over the bridge to Tate Modern.
 I had a hot chocolate in the café of Tate Modern and enjoyed the beautiful view.
On the way to the shops I passed along Trafalgar Square.
 I went to Liberty and fell in love with the beautiful fabrics, but didn't buy anything.
 Such beauties!
When it turned dark I went to see Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and London Eye in the beautiful light.
The next day Charlie took me fabric shopping on Walthamstow market. There were some good shops with excellent prices and on the stalls in the street you can also definitely spot a bargain. But I think the Maybachufer in Berlin is pretty similar to Walthamstow.
The best fabrics, at least in my opinion, were to be found in a small shop quite on the beginning of the street market, next to a bakery. They had some nice scuba fabric, which I almost got. In the end I got a scuba fabric at Saeeds and some ribbons in an Indian haberdashery shop.

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