Tine Travels: Brussels in September 2014

After spending a week on the French Westcoast, where I spent my days surfing and being outside on the beach, I took a plane to Brussels. Unfortunately I got sick after the last day in France, because I just had to enjoy a sunset swim, but got terribly cold afterwards, so the travel day was a bit of a torture and I spent half the days in Brussel in the hostel drinking tea and resting.
But I managed to see some sights, saw the Atomium from afar, went into the European Parliament and rode a bike around town. All in all two fun days in a city that I regret not to have visited earlier when I was still living in Mönchengladbach. It's got some French flair, but is also very multicultural at the same time. Lots of ugly buildings, but then some nice architecture in between. Definitely worth a short visit!
For sure I had to try some Belgian waffles and they were really, really good. Though after this picture was taken I had to go back to the hostel because I felt fieverish.

Of course I had to check whether there were any fabric shops in town and lucky for me I found one, that was literally in the same street as my hostel. It is called "Le Tissus du Chien Vert" and I took some photos for you.

 There was a small department with buttons, ribbons and other haberdashery.
 The cotton lawns were nicely sorted by colour and I spied some designs that I know.
 On the lower floor you could also find jersey in a variety of colours.
 Of yourse, Belgium has a thing with lace, so they also sell very fine lace for wedding dresses and other formal occasions.
 Surely not cheap, but so beautiful!

On the second floor they also had lots of outdoor fabrics and really interesting microfibres I hadn't seen anywhere else yet.
I almost had to get a wax print, but then I resisted the urge and got a rayon which was much easier to stuff into my backpack.
 I already made the rayon into a lovely top.

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