Tine Likes: The Spring Sewing Swap

It's been a while, but I havent't posted about my parcel from the Spring Sewing Swap yet! Sorry Sveta! Maybe you've seen the content of my parcel on Instagram though?

I got two fabrics, some notions and an special issue of Threads magazine, which is so full of content that I still haven't read every article yet!
The fabrics are a lovely rayon,which I already cut to make a nice dress of. It drapes really nicely and the colours and shapes remind me of some Sixties patterns, so I'm making a simple A-line shaped dress with pockets.
The other fabric is a sort of nude-beige-cream jersey, which feels lovely and which will be great as a basic top, that I'll embellish in some way.
I also got buttons, bias tape, FOE and a zipper. Oh and this handy thing, for sewing on buttons. Haven't tried it yet, but will report if it does the deed.

I really enjoyed being part of the swap again and have to thank Kerry again for organising the swap and matching me to such a nice swapping partner. Unfortunately the post was very slow on the parcel of Sveta, so we were both worried, if it will ever arrive in Germany, but it did in the end!
Sveta already posted about the content that I sent her and she even already made one of the fabrics into a dress.

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  1. Yes, waiting parcel was unpleasant moment! But I was happy when it finally arrived!%))


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