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I have this T-Shirt for quite a while now, but I never got around to take pictures. Having a Sunday to myself I decided to take advantage of the light in my living room and take some pictures. In the morning I went to the Dutch Fabric Market, which travels through Germany and takes place all over the country. I've never been to this kind of market before, so I was very interested what kind of fabrics they offer. I left the market with some good stuff, which I'll show you at the end of the post.

But first some pictures of the Camera Tee.
I used the same Burda pattern as for the grey t-shirt from my last post. It's Burda (issue 2/2013 mod.126)
The fabric was a score at Stoffe Mahler a fabric wholesale company that also has a direct sale. It's quite a travel to get there, but they have great stuff. They sell a lot of designer fabrics as well, though they are heftily priced. I went with fifty centimetres of this jersey, which was just enough for front and back of the t-shirt.
For the sleeves I used some navy jersey that I had left from another project. I think that I once got it at work. We often get jersey knit fabrics for low prices and good quality from Italy, so I usually stock up on them.
The sleeves are ruched and then set in, which adds a nice detail.
I used my overlocker for all seams and then did the hem with the regular machine and a twin needle.
The shorts that I'm wearing are also me-made. It's the same pattern as the jeans and I just altered the length. It took me some trial to get a shorts length, because I couldn't imagine that the crotch is so short. I first ended with some kind of bike shorts, which looked very odd.

In the end the length was just right and I like the very much. I'll definitely take them with me on my next travel adventure.
The shorts are quite high-waisted which is comfortable and covers the odd belly.

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This is my haul from the Dutch Fabric Market. I got some black jeans fabric with stretch for 12 € ( 7€/m), some woven Peruvian fabric for 7€/m and some twill with unregular dots for 13,50 € (9€/m). I also got some needles and pins, because I needed them. I should've gotten them at work though, because they were pricier than at work. I thought I'd get them cheap at the market, but well I was mistaken. Anyway I think I'll check when the next market is and if I got time I'll visit again.
The market was well visited and at some times I was overwhelmed by the crowds but it was okay to browse.

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  1. Schön, dass du zurück bist und wieder deine Me-Made Sachen bloggst! Sehr cooles Shirt, der Print ist klasse und gute Idee es zu patchen, dann braucht man nicht ganz so viel von einem teuren Stoff. Bin etwas neidisch auf deine Schätze vom Stoffmarkt, bei mir dauert es noch bis Oktober bis er wieder in meiner Nähe ist.

    Liebe Grüße


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