Tine Shops: The Dutch Fabric Market in Hamburg

Every couple of months the Dutch Fabric Market stops in Hamburg. Never heard about it before? The Dutch Fabric Market is an institution in Germany. It's basically an association of different Dutch fabric retailers that travel around Germany and present their fabrics and notions. In every city also some local shops have stalls and show off their cloth.
I've never been to one of the markets, so when it came to Hamburg on a weekend that I was staying in town I jumped at the chance and went to Alsterdorf market, where it took place. You couldn't miss that place and already at the subway station I knew where to go, just following the ladies with the big shopping bags.

 There were lots of stalls with brightly patterned jersey fabrics and fabrics for children, but I also found some great fall fabrics and wools.
 These hight quality wool fabrics weren't cheap, but I've never seen them before offered in a store. It's not my style, but I know that they are liked by many women on the market.
 The 50 cm cut offs of cotton jersey are really popular at just 4 € the piece. Not really my thing, but definitely a great ressource for mums and if I ever have a niece or nephew, I'll surely make something sweet of that kind of fabric.
 More bright cottons and cotton jerseys.

There was a big stall with very fashionably fashion fabrics, like jersey, wool and sateens, which I really liked. They sorted the fabrics by colour and it was a really attracting display of the fabrics.

In my last post you can see what I got at the market. Some of it cheaper than at work, some of it I'd not seen before and on the notions I totally lost my money, because they are definitely cheaper online or at other stores.

Apart from the fabrics and some haberdashery (only three stalls), they also sold pattern making supplies and pieces of laminated fabrics as well as homedecor fabrics and patchwork supplies.

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