Tine Sews: The Rockstar Outfit

Okay, so I have to catch up on a lot of projects. Just some days ago I got the e-mail about the next blogger meet-up event in 2015. I went there this year and made a biker jacket - then I never blogged about it, though it's been one of my favourite jackets in spring. Today I  had a lazy saturday and decided that it's about time to test my new camera (no DSLR but a very handy small camera from Sony) and did a mini photoshoot in my living room.
The biker jacket is made from a Burda pattern (issue 9/2004 mod. 127). I cut the pieces at home and then sewed the whole jacket on one weekend in Bielefeld, starting on Friday evening and finishing on Sunday morning. I had to make a quick run to a local supermarket to get the push buttons, because I forgot to get them before. Then Mema was so nice to bring a hammer on Sunday, so that I could finish the jacket. Unfortunately I messed up to of the buttons, so the jacket was 100 % finished at the end of the weekend and it took me another month to get new push buttons and add it, but after that I wore the jacket quite often.

The vertical zipper leads to a pocket, where one can easily store a camera or some keys. The diagonal zipper leads no where, it could be perfect for breast feeing ;). The jacket was too short, so I added a piece with 10 cm length to the hem and then attached the bottom band. Now the length is just right.
Details of the zippers and the cuff. The wristband is my favourite watch, which I made for a sewing tutorial at work. You can find the tutorial at Handmade Kultur (in German).
I got all of the zippers at Stoff&Stil, because it's just the cheapest place to get metal zippers and they have a good selection of colours.

I like to wear the jacket with a pair of black skinny jeans, that I also made, wear very frequently (that's why it's already a bit washed out) and that I never blogged about. The pattern is my pattern, as it's a heavily modified Burda pattern from an old issue. It was meant to have a side zip but I just made up a fly and pockets by using a pattern for a skirt.
You can also leave the zipper open and have a more casual look.
In the back I combined the two different fabrics. The black one was bought from work and the tweed is a vintage fabric that I found in the stash at my grand fathers old sewing studio.
The jeans have some wash lines, but I like the vintage look of them. The knees are a bit out of shape, but it's okay when I wear them.
The pocket lining is some floral fabric that I had in my stash. I love to be able to individualize my clothes like that. It's rarely seen, but I know that it's there and that makes me happy.
I also made the t-shirt of my rockstar outfit. It's another Burda pattern (issue 2/2013 mod.126).
In the back you can see two slits. Wondering why they are there? Well, I made a silly mistake while sewing the sleeve to the armhole and somehow caught a piece of the back in the seam and when I opened the seam I had a slit in the back. Since I didn't have enough fabric to cut it again, I just made a slit on purpose on the other side of the back and now call it a design element.
I love this pattern, as it's so simple to sew and also looks really good with contrasting fabrics.
Of course I am a true rockstar and also made my shoes! They are storebought espadrilles where I changed the fabric. Now I have shoes with a world map to take on my next travel around the globe.
Whee, this was a lot of pictures, hope you like!


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