On Trend: The Kimono

Lately I've been seeing a couple of Kimonos on a couple of sewing and fashion blogs and since I was always thinking about what to do with the fabric that I got through last years Summer Sewing Swap from Jane I got active this weekend and quickly cut and assembled a kimono style jacket. The pattern is just some rectangles and for the front I cut a neck opening and a slight curved hem. All in all it took abou half an hour to cut and sew the kimono. Quick pleasure!

I was in a Coachella kind of mood this weekend so I styled it with some jeans shorts, a bralette and fringe boots. But I can also see myself wearing the kimono with a T-Shirt and work appropriate skirt to the office.
Dancing in a kimono is fun, because the fabric moves so nicely around the body.
The fabric is a quite thing polyester jersey, which was too thin for other projects but perfect for this one. I love it!
You are wondering to which jungle I went for shooting these pictures? Well, it's my garden! I spent a lot of time on my garden terrace this weekend and with all of the green it was very relaxing.

On Instagram I shared how I made a pair of espadrilles, so follow me there and you'll see step by step how I did it!

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