Tine Travels: NYlon 2014 in London

Last weekend I took a quick trip to London. During my school years I went to London fairly often because I had family friends there, but for five years I haven't been in the city. So when I read about the NYlon gathering on Rachel's blog, I introduced my boss about the opportunity to meet some English bloggers at the event and kindly they sponsored the flight for this event.

So on Saturday morning I had an early rise at 4 am and got to the airport at 5:30 am. The flight started punctually and this meant I was in London at about 9 am local time. Since the tube didn't operate the Circle line I walked from Victoria station to my hostel - a hostel from the Meininger chain, very well situated directly next to the Natural History Museum. After checking in to the hostel and changing clothes - I was dressed so not appropriately for the hot summer weather in London - I went to the V&A to meet the other bloggers. When I arrived I immediately spotted Rachel and Fiona and soon I was chatting to everyone. There were so many nice dresses that everyone wore and everybody looked really good. In total the round-up of the group was 70 people and after changing rooms in the café we went outside to talk some more and get our pictures taken. You can see the whole group on this picture.
Source: Kitty Wong

Source: Kitty Wong
I wore a dress that I made just the week before the event. I haven't blogged about it yet, but it's definitely worth its own post. It's a simple wrap dress that takes effect by the border print of the jersey fabric, which I got a couple of years ago at Alfatex. Since the neckline is quite low I wore a simple black camisole with a lace border for modesty reasons.
Source: Kitty Wong
 Here you can see Ingrid and me. We had lots of fun doing the pictures and I think you can see that. 
After the meet-up in the museum we went to Goldhawk Road in small groups. I had never been there before so I was lucky to be led by Stevie who knew the area. A small group took a rest in the café and then I went fabric shopping with Camilla. Rachel had set a schedule, so we had about one and a half hours to browse the shops and since Camilla and I were both quick to decide what we wanted, we managed to buy a reasonable amount of fabrics in no time.

I got some stretchy net with black dots, a white cotton with neon yellow dots, some white eyelet-like cotton with little holes and flowers and a dark navy cotton piqué with red dots. I already made the eyelet fabric into a cute tee and wore it to work, but didn't get a picture yet.

After the fabric shopping the groups met again at a pub close to Goldhawk Road and late until the evening everybody had a jolly good time talking, drinking and eating.

The next day I explored some other areas of London but that's worth a whole other blogpost.

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