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Oh, hey. Do you remember me? I just realized that I haven't been blogging for almost one and a half month now and it's really a shame. But, you know, sometimes life just gets into the way and you have a platefull in the real life, that you forget about sharing.

So today I'll try to recap what's been going on the past weeks. Most important reason why I wasn't blogging was the fact that I haven't been at home for two weeks. Instead I travelled through Croatia and Italy and had a short moment in Berlin with a friend.
And the day before I left, I went to an amazing concert by Frank Turner, my favourite artist of this year. I had so much fun and danced so much, that my shoes were dirty and I got a blister on my toe, but it was totally worth it.
It was the first time in a while that I had a proper holiday and it was so good! I flew to Split in Croatia and stayed in a lovely hostel (Cro Green Hostel, by the way they also have a pink hostel in the same city), met lovely people and had four awesome days in the town of Split.
Then I moved on to Makarska, where I stayed for a weekend. It was great as well, lots of time spent on the beach and I even took a one day boat trip to Brac and Hvar.
From Makarska I was then off to Dubrovnik, where I had the best room in the youth hostel (room 31 and 32 share a roof terrace), met an interesting Korean girl, Spanish and Mexican girls with whom I had a fantastic dinner and cool Croatian students.
The city of Dubrovnik is breathtaking and there is so much to see in the little side streets. Here you can see the city from above. We took a walk along the old wall , which took about two and a half hours.
I stayed in Dubrovnik for two nights and then took a ferry to Bari in Italy. There I stayed with David an Valentina from the Olive Tree hostel, which is the best hostel in town. I met a very nice Turkish girl and together we explored the city and even got to hear a concert by a musician who was once a member of Savoy Brown and Mama Roo. So cool! Singing "Stand by me" on a piazza in Bari at night was one of my favourite moments of the trip.
From Bari I flew to Berlin and stayed with an old friend from school. We went to Mauerpark together and browsed the fleamarket but didn't buy anything. Then we watched some street artists and listened to the Karaoke.
I didn't think about the fact, that I'd stay in Berlin, when I packed my bags, so I had to get something warm for the days. Luckily I found a woolen sweater in a vintage shop in Bari and it kept me warm during the fleamarket. I'll definitely try to take a picture of it in the next days, it's really cool.

So, that's a short recap of my holiday. Of course, I have a lot of more stories to tell and I also sewed like crazy in the past days, so I hope to be blog more regularly again and maybe even partake in Me-Made-Mittwoch again.

So long!

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