Grainline Copycat

Sometimes the projects of other sewing ladies are just so good, that you just have to copy the clothes to get a great result. That's how it was with me and the dotted skirt by Jen from Grainline. I've seen her skirt back when she posted about it and could never forget it. I went to Ikea, but they didn't have the black and white fabric, only red and white. So I went home empty handed. Some weeks later I made my way to another Ikea and luckily they had the desired fabric. I also took some sweet succulents with me, the only kind of plant that survives in my home.
Anyway, I went home and the weekend after, I cut the pattern pieces. I got around to sew it only three weekends ago though. The skirt is the third version of a Burda pattern and the construction is fairly easy. I had to learn though that I have bigger hips than Jen, because on my version the dots on the side seam don't match up. But it's okay, it looks good from front and back.
The pockets are lined with some pink lining that peeks out a little, which is a cute detail.
I'm wearing the skirt with a newly thrifted cotton knit sweater, which is actually more dark blue than black. The boots are also thrifted from my favourite second-hand shop.
Here I paired the skirt with a shirt, that I just made this weekend. I'm not sure about it yet, beause it looks a bit pyjama-ish, I think. I think I have to style it differently.

I'm very happy with my new skirt and can't wait to wear it soon with black tights and some chunky sweaters.

On the fleamarket I found some great finds today and the total was just 20 €, so I'm very happy. The first season of New Girl will probably bring a lot of outfit and sewing project inspiration and I already skimmed through the old issue of Instyle and found some great ideas just waiting to be made.

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