Happy November

Oh hello, long time no see, I guess. As always when my life is busy I don't find the time to sit down, gather my thoughts and write them down. So, I'm trying to recap November, before it's over.
November didn't start so well as I recovered from a surgery where the metal was taken out of my leg. Some hours spent in hospital, then a week in bed to recover and as soon as I was allowed to walk without crutches again I went back to work. The last weeks before December are always pretty busy as there have to be organized lots of things, but so far it works out pretty well.
I even managed to find some time to sew in the evening. I finished off some jeans with an ikat ribbon. Unfortunately no good outfit pictures yet, as it is dark in the morning when I leave my apartment and dark when I return.
Then after two weeks of work I took a day off and flew to Scotland to visit a friend in Galashiels. I spent one night in Edinburgh and had a fantastic time. Edinburgh is such a cute city and small enough not to get lost, but also big enough to spend a good time in different areas.
Galashiels is a city that is not very well known, but to me it was the perfect weekend getaway. Spending time with my old friend was excellent, but excellent was also the charity shop row. I've never seen so many charity shops during one day and all very close to each other. I spend something like 30 pound on that day and got more than eight pieces, so it was very thrifty.
In Edinburgh I had to get in to Anthropologie as I always love browsing through their webshop and the shop didn't disappoint. Lots of ideas for future projects and I even got a little treat. The yarn is made from recycled silk saris and will be good for some crochet necklaces or appliqués.
Only one week of November left and then it will be Advent season. Oh, and the annual birthday is coming up! Yeah, exciting! More about that soon.

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