Crazy for Pink

Lately I've been very inspired by the colour pink. Maybe it's because I wasn't the typical pink girl when I grew up, but these days I want to wear pink a lot. Pink lips, pink socks and my latest purchase - pink boots. They remind me a lot of the Modern Vice Jetts, but they were much cheaper, though they are made from leather. I had to break them in wearing three pairs of socks, because the right shoe was a bit tight, but I wore them today and they are comfortable now.

A while ago I made a Sorbetto top from the rest of the fabric, which I gifted to Jane for the Spring Sewing Swap. I also used pink on the top, but only on a small dose with pink bias tape.
I omitted the pleat of the Sorbetto, because the fabric wasn't wide enough.
 See the smug smile? That's because I'm so in love with my purchase of the boots. I bought them at Bon Prix and ordered them in one of the stores. It seems that they were one of the last pairs on stock, because now they are sold out completely. I wanted to get myself the yellow version today, but couldn't order them anymore. So, I'm very lucky to have received the pink pair in my size.
 Boots: Rainbow by Bon Prix      Suitcase: Vintage       Table: Vintage         Succulents: IKEA
Because it was a bit chilly, I wore a denim shirt during the day.

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