Changing a needle can change your life!

This week at work I wrote a text about sewing needles and during the research I often read that the effect of a bent or slightly broken needle can highly effect the machine. So when I came home first thing I did, was changing the needles of my serger. I hadn't used that machine for about two years, because it didn't work properly anymore. So, I set in the new needles, which were still in the little box belonging to the machine and voilá - machine works perfectly again.

To celebrate this and welcome back the machine in my life I used it every evening since then. Not one, not two, but four tops and one blouse were sewn on the machine in the past three days.

The first item was a blouse made of fabric that I bought on my Paris trip last year for Valentines Day. I had already assembled the body of the blouse with French seams and just needed to attach the collar. I tried it with my regular machine, but didn't like the end result, so I wanted to serge it. With my "new" machine I had done the task in less than 30 minutes.
Here is the result:
The pattern is a vintage pattern from Burda Moden March '77. It's two pieces and the collar, so it's quite simple. For the side and shoulder seams I used French seams and for the hem I simply zig zagged a sort of rolled hem, to prevent the hem from fraying.
In the front piece is a slit on the neckline and the collar can be tied in the front. If it was a little bit longer you could also tie a bow, I can just knot it.
Here you can see the fabric in detail. See those little hearts? So sweet and such a good memory of Valentines Day in Paris.
In the next days I'll show you the other finished projects like my new metallic jersey drapey top and tiny tank imitation.

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