The quickest rate of fabric turnover ever!

It's been a while since I made a garment of a fabric that I just purchased, but with this fabric it was just the case. I bought it on Saturday and on Sunday evening I had a new blouse. 

The pattern is really simple just a back, front and two sleeves. All the seams are done with French seams, which were necessary because the polyester fabric is really sheer and otherwise the seams would have looked unprofessional. I've made the pattern two times already ( once in a fun shoe print fabric and once in H&M fabric). It's from the German magazine Sabrina Woman Modemagazin 3/2011 Modell 9.
For this version I cut the sleeves the length that I cut my paper pattern piece, which I thought was for the short sleeved version. But the sleeves turned out to be this 3/4 sleeve length and because I liked the looked I just zig zagged the hem and left it like that.

I have planned another blouse with this pattern, probably with the lovely heart print fabric that I got in Paris.

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  1. Einen ähnlichen Blusenschnitt gab es letztes Jahr in Burda Style und ich habe ihn auch mit französischen Nähten gefertigt, weil das haltbarer ist und man sich das versäubern spart.
    Diese Raglanärmel lassen sich gut nähen.
    Viele Grüße


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