Summer, Sunshine and a bit of Sewing

I had a very productive weekend today making a blouse and a t-shirt, but tonight I want to show you something else that I made last week. Actually it's not only one thing but one pattern made in three different fabrics.
Last week I was remembering burdastyle.com and the fact, that they have some free patterns on the page. So I was browsing and found the "Let's twist again top" by member irmchen. Having in mind that there was a similar pattern from pattydoo, I quickly decided to download the free pattern. I also found out, while trying to login and download the pattern, that I had an account on burdastyle.com, but had never used it. So with these three new makes I'll quickly fill my empty wall.

This was the first version of the pattern. I got the fabric a while ago at Karstadt and never had the right pattern for it, but since I always wanted to have a dotted shirt, this was the perfect match. The fabric is a medium weight jersey, so it's not very drapey. A fabric with a little more stretch would be better for the pattern and the drapey effect. I also didn't use a neckband on the neckline, but folded over and topstitched the neckline. Well, it was a wearabel muslin, still cute, but on the next shirt I improved and used more techniques.
 This metallic jersey is much nicer in reality than on the photograph. It's a lightweight jersey that has some metallic coating in silver. I got it a year ago at stoffe.de and would recommend this fabric as a similar one. The neckline was finished with a neckband made of the fabric and the drapes fall pretty well in this jersey quality. It's a great shirt for a night out, or dressed down with jeans appropriate for a special day at work.
The last version is similar to the pattydoo top Elaine, and I actually watched the pattydoo video tutorial for sewing tips and tricks.
I'm not sure, which way around to wear the top. I had to cut one piece on a kind of cross grain, because otherwise the pattern piece didn't fit on the fabric. So the stripes run horizontal on the back and diagonal on the front, but since the drapes change the direction slightly it's difficult to decide which version is the right one. The neckline was finished again with a strip of the fabric. It's much more neon, than it looks on the picture, but still not too much. You can find some stripey neon fabrics here.

Next on I'll show you, what I made of the leftover fabric from the shiny jersey and what I made in my summer sewing studio.
Check out my Instagram, which I use quite often lately to see what I'm up to, before I post it on the blog.


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  2. Gute Arbeit! :) Das letzte gefällt mir am Besten! Aber das ist jetzt der Schnitt vom Elaine, oder? Auf jeden Fall stehen dir diese Shirts total gut!
    Probier doch noch ein bisschen weiter mit den Silhouetten! Ich persönlich mag dieses hier auch sehr gern und trage es oft:
    Allerdings gibt es den Schnitt nicht zum Download. Es ist aber ein Umrissbild vom Schnitt beim 'Let's twist again'-Projekt.

    Liebe Grüße


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