Finally a new make!

I haven't posted a new project in a while and that is because I haven't been making anything for the last months. But last weekend I made this skirt and I love it. It has the perfect length to be both - work appropriate but at the same flirty for a night out.

The fabric is a woven cotton gabardine, similar to jeans fabric, that is coated with a metallic colour. I got it at stoffe.de, but it's sold out already. I can recommend this fabric or this one though, they should have a similar appearance and hand.

I used a pattern from an old Burda magazine (issue 3/2002) and only changed the length (shortened it about 12 cm). It fit without any alterations. The fabric has a little bit of stretch, which makes the skirt comfortable and ready for any adventure.
I love the fact that it's a skirt with pockets and belt loops, they make it very versatile and it can be styled in many ways.

Here I'm wearing it with a vintage silk blouse (Van Laack) and my very fashionable stockings, which I have to wear until the broken leg is fully healed. The bone is making progression though, I'm able to wear heels again, but for my daily events I still wear more comfortable sneakers.

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  1. That looks ace, the cut really suits you and the fabric is dead cool. I'm glad you've got your sewing mojo back. x


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