Me Made May 2013 Day Thirteen to Eighteen

Okay, so the most difficult thing about Me-made May 2013 is definitely not finding me-made items to wear, but finding the time to take a decent picture and blog about the outfit. So I'm really behind, and didn't get around to post last week, but here are the outfits from last week.
Day Thirteen was a new top made of an often sewn Burda pattern. It was the first thing that I sewed after my injury and I'm quite pleased with the outcome. The pants are also me-made. I think the colours are more fall-like but with the strange weather changes that we experienced in Germany, it was quite suitable. Of course other shoes would be great with this outfit, but my leg hurts sometimes and so I rely on my comfortable kicks.
Day Fourteen was a me-made blouse, which is really old. It has little pleats in the front, though you can't see them because of the scraf that I once bought in Boston. I don't really like the length of the blouse anymore and think that it's a bit short, but it's okay with the right pair of pants. Here I wear it with black jeans, that I once got at Oxfam. They are originally H&M.
Day Fifteen was a me-made skirt, which is really old, probably six to seven years, but strangely it still fits and the tie-dyed style with its neon accent is really fashionable again. The fabric is a cotton with a little bit of elasthane, so it was really easy to work with. I paired it with my favourite grey sweater, which I also found at Oxfam two years ago, it's United Colours of Benetton.
Day Sixteen was my street-style-look as one of my colleagues noted. I was wearing a me-made top, which I made about two years ago from a fabric that I got in a small fabric shop in Essex. The jeans are thrifted from a shop in Hamburg. I really like the boyfriend look.
Day Seventeen was a me-made skirt and a thrifted knitted top.
Day Eighteen and actually Nineteen was comfortable weekend wear. The shirt was me made and the jeans were bought in San Francisco.

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