My Undine Adams Look

While the third part of "The Adlon" was running, I sat down in fornt of my laptop (I don't have a TV) and finished the last seams on my new favourite pair of trousers. The sewing was a breeze, because I already made the pattern a couple of times and even the zipper could't freak me out anymore. Though I tried to do a blind hem with my machine and somehow I must have folded the fabric in a wrong way, because the seam wasn't invisible. So, in th end I did the hem by hand to add come couture details to the trousers. The waitsband was also done with slip stitches. The lightning in my room isn't very good for pictures after sunset, but I got an idea from Sinje and might be able to light up the living room with some equipment from the hardware store soon.

The outfit in the style of Undine Adams consist of my new handmade trousers. I wish I had a better picture of the soft velvet and the berry colour is also much nicer in real life. The top and jacket were both aquired in second-hand shops. The top is from a charity shop in London and the jacket was a score from Stilbruch in Hamburg. I got the hat at Oxfam in Berlin and the shoes were bought 2008 in the USA.

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