Fabrics for my home

Actually I planned to start a "Not buy anything new" year in 2013 again. But then I couldn't! I still need to make curtains for my kitchen an living room, I need cushions and then we had these amazing fabrics on sale... Who can resist a bargain? I can't, so I allowed myself to make some purchases in January and try to not buy anything new starting in February.
I didn't receive the fabrics yet, but I've seen them and know that they are amazing in real life. All fabrics are bought from stoffe.de and yes, I work there, but anyway I would really like the quality of the products.
The World Map fabric was the most expensive one and the two colourful cotton fabrics with flowers were the cheapest. For my curtains I chose Relib Abstract, which is 280 cm wide, so I only needed to purchase 3 m for the windows.

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