A good luck blouse for a good day

Today I had a talk about my work with my colleague and my boss, so I chose to wear my good luck blouse that I also wore on the day of my job interview. It is hard to see but the blouse is printed with little scissors and tape measure, so it's perfect for a seamstress like me. Fun fact: My colleague told me that she mentioned how cool that blouse was that I wore during the interview to my boss and he didn't note what I wore at all.
Anyway, I just had to wear the trousers that I finsihed yesterday and am really happy with the look of them. I need to add a small seam on the fly front and maybe stiffen the waistband with some stitches, but the fit is really good - even in the croth area. The length is perfect to wear with my boots and can also be worn with flat shoes, I might need to turn up the hem then.
The sweater was a find from Oxfam and the blouse was bought at the fleamarket Trabrennbahn in Mönchengladbach. Oh, and the red chair? That is a family heritage piece which used to belong to my mother when she was my age and lived in Hamburg as well. Fun coincidence.

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