Me Made on Trend: Patterned Jeans

 Just a quick post to show an outfit that I wore last week. The jeans are me made and I'm really happy about the fit. I used my modified Burda pattern that I also used for the corduroy pants. The fabric for these jeans I got from Buttinette, but it seems to be sold out right now. It has some amount of stretch and is a really nice material for skinny jeans. From a distance they look like normal black jeans, but in the closeup you can see the pattern. This type of jeans is quite on trend right now and Erica B made a similar pair as well. She also links to some of these jeans that you can get in the store.
I pair them with an old sweater that I knitted, when I was about thirteen. It used to be quite roomy, but now it's a normal size. It's a kind of piece that will stick with you, however your body changes.

The fit is great in the back as well! I also added pockets, but they don't really show due to the pattern. But they are an intersting feature.

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