2012 - A Year In Review

Okay, so I'm probably the latest jumping on the bandwagon, but I've seen and read so many interesting recaps of 2012 that I felt the urge to add my little story of 2012. Especially because it has been such a eventful year and lots of changes occured. So, let's start shall we?
The year started with a break. It was necessary because I wrote my final exams and since I needed to pass all of them to be able to progress and start my internship this was a tough time and I didn't get around to sew anything. My life was pretty broing that month, all I did was get up, study, eat, study, go shopping for groceries and study some more. Although I also rewarded myself from time to time with little treats like a short thrift store tour or a DVD evening with friends. In the end it all worked out perfectly.


The first two weeks were still spent studying, but then I gave myself the biggest treat of the year. I travelled to Paris and had some amazing days with my new found friend Claire, who is an amazing Burlesque performer. She introduced me to the Parisian way of living and made me feel very comfortable in this romantic city.

In March I started my internship, which would qualify me for the bachelor thesis. I moved to Hamburg, found a affordable room in the house of a small family and began working nine to five. I had lots to do, getting to know the city, find friends and write a report for the university, but it was great living closeby to family and old friends again. I was actually so busy with all the new things, that I didn't find the time to blog about it or take pictures.

In April I was very productive sewing wise and made a dress for an upcoming wedding, a simple shirt and a bag, which I use fairly often.


May marked the Summer Sewing Swap. I swapped with Inge from Inge Maakt and received an amazing parcel. The fabric she sent me is still not cut, because I need to find the right pattern for it, but it doubled as a table cloth for my New Years dinner and fit perfectly to my menu. It was also the month when I experienced with layout and started to try to put more of an effort on taking pictures of my sewing. Small steps sure, but I tried.

In June I was pretty busy writing my thesis, so no sewing at all. Instead I used the spare minutes to drive to the seaside and enjoy the beautiful sunny days that we were having. How I love the beautiful coast we have!


I finally handed in my thesis, spent some time with friends in good old Mönchengladbach and Düsseldorf, then had the final exam and finally I could call myself a "Bachelor of Science in Textile and Clothing Management". Wow, that feels so good to say! Right after coming back, I had major sewing rush, where I used up 1 spool of Gütermann thread in one weekend!

In August I signed the lease contract of my own two room apartment. It was a case of good luck to find something affordable in the area that I was interested in and I'm still so happy to be in the place where I am right now. My cute little garden will be so pretty next summer and I'm super excited to try myself at growing some veggies. Any suggestions for easy to care fruit or vegetables? I also visited some great concerts in the Stadtpark and enjoyed time with friends and family.

My parents and I were busy renovating the flat, had many trips to the surrounding hardware and furniture stores and with the help of my brother and his girlfriend I managed to paint the apartment in one day. I was still living in the room with the family and only in the middle of the month started to sleep at my own place.

More trips to furniture stores, lots of thoughts about the perfect furniture. In the end of the month I had the most important things in the flat. Enjoying time with friends as well as enjoying some sewing time.

Two important and very inspiring events in one month. Firstly the Blogst confernce in Hamburg and then the Blogger meet-up in Berlin. Both such fun events, where I met lots of interesting women from all over Germany.
Having friends over is the best things ever! I didn't only have one weekend with overnight guests, no I had three ( though one of them was on New Years Eve so it`s practically in January 2013) weekends filled with fun and laughter. I haven't had a place where people could stay over for more than four years, so I'm absolutely loving to have guests and show them my surroundings and the beautiful city of Hamburg.

So this was 2012. Quite an exhausting year, but with lots of good memories and amazing connections all over the world. I hope that 2013 can keep up, but I'm sure it will. What I definitely want to improve in 2013? Maybe you guessed it, I should really take more pictures and bring my camera to more places. Maybe I'll be able to add pictures in next years review then.

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