Bye bye 2012! Welcome 2013!

Wow,  I can't believe that 2012 will be over in a couple of hours already. So many things have happened this year it is incredible. 2013 really needs to step up, if it wants to become an even more sucessfull year. I won't bore you with all the changed that happened in my life, but want to give a status on the three goals I set myself for the year 2012.

I managed to live up to the goals most of the time. As soon as I moved to Hamburg I started to be more careful about what I eat, I ate less meat ( so little that I was even asked, if I was a vegetarian by one of my housemates). I cooked more and most of all more healthy dinners, ate lots of green things like salad and broccoli. The change in my diet and the fact that I nearly always cycled to work in the last months, made me loose a couple of pounds. My figure has become more toned, also due to the fact that I started to go regularly to my zumba and wheelgymnastics classes, which are tons of fun as well.

Stash wise, I was very strict in the summer months, but then we got some very nice fabrics in the store and so I didn't quite use my stash up yet, instead I aquired some more fabrics. So, this will be one of my new goals for 2013 again: Use That Stash!

The other two goals I still have to think about.

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