So much to say, so little time

Finally I'm back on the internet! The connection is working and the apartment is slowly transforming into a cozy home. I'm still missing curtains in the living room, but I think I found the perfect fabric. Unfortunately it will go into sale in some weeks , so I have to wait until I can order it. Meanwhile I can work on my other decoration ideas. I'll update you on my plans soon.

On the weekend I visited a very interesting conference for German bloggers. One thing I took away from all the interesting speeches is the fact that you don't approach an interesting market for business opportunities if you post in English, so I've decided to blog bilingual and see how that works. My first German post is already written, it just needs to be translated.

The next weekend I'll be in Berlin, so please bear with me if I disappear for a couple of days again. Real life is just so much more interesting sometimes.

By the way, how do you like my new blogdesign? I changed it to be conform to my business cards!

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